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                              German collection For sale




We have the chance to offer this amazing collection of 30 mostly German machines which are for sale in Germany,       

these machines are for sale elsewhere so no prices are attached. Anyone interested should contact this site in the         usual way quoting the item number and we will check the machine is still for sale and,if so, put the potential buyer in                                                                              touch wit the seller.                                                                                                       

            Very few of these are well known types,many  not often seen and some very rare indeed.                                          

                   The Collector has clearly decided to leave the machines in un restored condition so                                            

Some are in need of work,others near perfect, at the moment we do not have the makers details of all the machines                                                      but we will add them as we get them confirmed                                                                               

                                                  even if you don't want to buy just enjoy the view                                                                             

   G01  Very unusual football themed allwin


    G02   "Finale"  football themed eletro mechanical NSM


  G03 very fine Bajazzo clown catcher, 1904,goose neck coin slot


  G04  Stunning Art Deco style Bergmann "City Express" 1963


  G05 Very Rare Early "Roulette Nouvelle"1899, Abel Nau


 G06 The (scary clown) " Astra" Wulff,1962 


  G07 mechanical horse race pinball,1935,Jentzsch & Meerz


  Go8    "shake with uncle Sam" personality tester


   G09  "Regent"rare triple disc machine


    G10   Bajazzo catcher(clown painted on shield)


     G11 "Astocia" two reel ,West Automaten 1960


  G12   "Zentri Bomber,1936, Paul Bohlmann


  G13 Norwa Flottweg ,Schulze, 1951


   G14  Brynes "Elevenses"  backflash poor


 G15  Globus grip tester Jentzsch & Meerz, 1928


 G16 "Jupiter" rare (great,I have one myself)Wulff 1960


 G17 "Hellomat" rare make rarely seen,Hellomat,1959


 G18 "Neomat" oddly cased machine,1960


 G19"RexRotor" wall version of the console model,1954


G20  "TreffTempo" Treff,1963


  G21 "Tura Derby"  horse race pin ball,Tura,1934


 G22 "Rondomat" rarer version of Duo-mat.Wulff,1963


G23  "Triomint" wooden cased Rotomint  machine,1954


 G24 "Royal Lexus",Bergmann,1959


G25 "The mill in the Black Forest "  very rare 1928


 G26 "Rialto" complete machine,Wulff 1964



 G27  Clown Catcher (inside pictured below)



 G28  Very ornate Allwin