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The Penny Arcade

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                                                     This page is dedicated to Stuart Dale,

                                  A great friend to this site and it's founder and former owner.

          Many of the early pages on this site are his work and we thank him for all the very hard                     work he has done over many years to keep vintage coin operated machines alive     

                The Lilliput Collection Built by Stuart Dale

Over the years I have owned or restored some nice mechanical old penny slot machines, all of which have now been sold on to other collectors, sadly I no longer have the room needed to do them justice.
So I had the idea of building a model amusement arcade filled with old time slot machines, I have been interested in model making for as long as I can remember, and I have the workshop and tools.
As I make the models I will photograph and list them on this page, I hope you get as much enjoyment from looking at them as I get from making them.



                             DELUX ALLWIN (front)                                                  DELUX ALLWIN (back)

                      This a model of a typical 1940s Allwin Delux.
It stands 7.5 inch tall (19cm) as can be seen by the old britsh penny.
It is made from Mahogany and has been stained and varnished.
It took me about 25 hours to make.



                                      Clown catcher (front)                                      Clown catcher (back)

                               This is a nice little model of a Clown catcher type machine.
It is modelled on a 1900s style machine, and on this model if you turn the lower left hand knob the clown will move across the playfield just like the full size machine.
This model is made from pine and stands 6 inch (15cm)tall, it has been stained with a strong mix of tea and water and then varnished.
This model took me over 20 hours to make.


                                                                   THE VICTORY BALL 

I made this over 3 years ago,it was the first model I ever made,it is Oliver Whales Victory Ball from 1945. This model was made from balsa and card and was about 6 inch(15cm)tall,I no longer have this model in my collection as I sold it to an other collector.


                                                                              The Haunted Churchyard

It has taken me four months to build this working model of a vintage arcade working model,
the full size vintage machine was called the Drunkards Dream but I have called mine The Haunted Churchyard, and although it is part of my Lilliput collection it looks and works the 
same as the full size machines in the old arcades.



                                                        Oliver Whales treasure cave vendor

This model is built to quarter scale, it stands about 16 inches high it is mains operated & when the switch is pressed it lights up and the elephant moves in the same way as the full sized machine





                                                                 A row of 4 typical 1950s wall machines

These models are also built to quarter scale, it stands about 20 inches wide
It is mains operated & when the switch is pressed
the lights on the Rotolite machine light up and flash, also the wheels on the Conveyor machine turn in the same way as the full sized machines