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                      30 machines for sale from long term storage

Penny-arcade.inf are pleased to display over  30 machines which are for sale by the owner. Anyone interest in a particular machine should contact and we will put you in touch with the seller.

                                                                    we charge no fees


These machines are NOT in the UK or indeed Europe, but neither are many of the sites visitors,they are in fact in South Africa and some of these might be worth the shipping where ever you are.

These machines have been in long term storage (over 30 years) some have already been tested and all can be tested in advance . They range from the 1930's to 1970's and include a host of early shooters and a couple of near unique models like the 1946 Mutoscope "Atomic bomber" and a much sort after Williams Digger

Makers include Exhibit supply, Williams,United,Sega, Mutoscope, Allard  plus many others. 

As to prices, the seller is open to "any reasonable  offers",which doesn't mean he will accept "any offer"


lot S1/S2     Lot S3   

 Lot  S4     Lot S5/6  


  Lot S7     Lot S8       

Lot S9 /10    Lot S11     

                                                                                                                              Mutoscope six shooter (1950)

  Lot S12    LotS13  


                   Lot S14                        LotS15  


   Lot  S16                   Lot S17/18  


    Lot S19       Lot S20  


   Lot S21   Lot S22  


 Lot S23                                              Lot S24  

                      Metal name/message stamper                                                      lords prayer stamped on a coin (?)


       Lot S25     Lot S26  


   Lot S27                 Lot S28  

  Lot S29/30     Lot S31       

                                                                                                                      13 of these working 1959 Lusse Dodgem

                                                                                                                      cars are available singley and as a package