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                              THE ALLWIN MACHINE

                                                                      So How Does It Work?



The word “Allwin” is the generic term for this kind of slot machine, it comes from  the fact that on most Allwin machines all the cups are winners, getting the ball to land in one of those winning cups is another matter all together, and is down to some element of skill on the players part, the winning cups are usually guarded by a set of spring steel pins that tend to send the ball flying off and away from the cups, it is therefore a lot harder to win than you would think, and if you were lucky enough to get the ball into a winning cup you would usually only win your penny back, some Allwin machines would also give you a free go along with your returned penny, other Allwin machines gave you a prize or a packet of sweets when you did finally manage to get the ball in the winning cup, but the odds were firmly stacked in the operators favour, but then it was all part of the fun of playing the machine. The type of Allwin I am going to show you here is the type that gave you sweets as a prize, in this case a packet of Spangles, and was affectionately known as a “sweetie Allwin”

II don’t intend to go into every minute detail of this machines operation, but if like a lot of people you have never seen inside an “Allwin” before, and you wondered how it works, then I hope you will find this both interesting and informative. For those of you that have never played an Allwin machine this is what you do, (I have removed the Shute "E" that holds the packets of sweets so you can get a clearer view) put 1 old penny into the coin slot “A”, as the penny passes down the coin slide on its way to the cash box it strikes a lever which in turn allows shaft “O” to turn by one sixth of a turn thus releasing the ball behind plate “P” into play, you then press down on the ball hammer lever “B”, this will fire the ball around the spiral track, if you manage to land the ball into one of the winning cups “H” you can then turn knob “D” to obtain your prize, if the ball lands in the loose hole “I” then it is game over and you will have to insert another old penny to play again. So what stops you turning the winning knob without putting in a coin? On the rear of the door you will find the payout arm "F" this is stopped from moving by lever “N”. When the ball goes into one of the winning cups it is directed to the win channel “M” and the weight of the ball pushes down a on a lever, this in turn lifts lever “N” and allows the payout arm to move by turning the payout knob “D”, the lower end of the payout arm is connected to prize slide "G" which in turn delivers the packet of sweets via slot “C” on the front of the machine.

         The Oliver Whales Spangles Allwin Machine 1954