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             PERCY HAWTIN                                                                                                                                   FRANK HAWTIN

                    Thanks to Frank Hawtins grandson Simon who helped to make this page possible


Most people reading this page will have some interest in the vintage British slot machine, some of you may even own a “Hawtin” allwin in your own collection. But who was Frank Hawtin?? 
Frank Hawtin was born in 1902 in the village of Bloxham Oxfordshire, even at the young age of 8 years he was able to spot an opportunity to earn some pocket money, after school he would help to feed chickens on the local farm, or help at the village joiners shop polishing wooden furniture. By the time he was old enough to leave school he had already established a small joinery and shop fitting business of his own, which he ran with the help of his many brother and sisters. At some point around 1922 he became involved in the amusements business when his brother Percy returned from Margate where he had been running a small café, Percy had bought the production rights to a game called Bingo from two Canadians he had met in Margate, what this early game was or if it was ever put into production we may never know, but it was the start of Hawtins of Blackpool, Between 1922 and 1947 the company grew from small ram shackled workshops to a modern three and a half acre factory employing thousands of skilled engineers. In the war years the factory was turned over to the production of aircraft parts for the war effort, by 1947 Franks attention was turned away from the amusement trade and production of amusement machines was ended and the plant and equipment was auctioned off. Frank & Percy quickly moved on to other things and Hawtin Industries was born, they had interests in Engineering, Building & Construction, Agriculture, Automotive Components & Dental equipment to name a few, by the 1970s Hawtins owned there own merchant bank and finance company, and both men were multimillionaires, Not bad for a couple of lads from Bloxham !! 

The move into banking and finance was however a disaster.After a good start the banking crisis of the early 1970's hit them hard and their  share price constantly  fell  over the next few years. The family seem to have given up control of the company in 1978 when Frank(the chairman at the time) sold the profitable dental company to an American dental company and the remains of Hawtin Industries was taken over by a midlands based car part maker. It then went through several owners (and several different products) until it finally went under in Dec 2011

Below are just a few of the products Hawtin's produced during their time in the amusement trade. 

                              THE HAWTIN DODGEM CAR






                                THE HAWTIN ALLWIN    











                              JUVENILE RIDES & TOYS















                  THE HAWTIN "Jack Hylton" JUKEBOX









                     THE HAWTIN CLUTCHING HAND





                                   header photo      









                           THE HAWTIN BUNNY SHOOTER





                          THE HAWTIN ROLLING ROAD






                        THE HAWTIN BUCKING BRONCO






                             THE HAWTIN SKEE ROLL






                         THE HAWTIN BIG BEN PINBALL





                              THE HAWTIN RIFLE RANGE