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Welcome to the Penny Arcade Market Place.Through this page any visitor can buy and registered members can sell any coin operated machine item(at the administrators discretion). Items are free to sell for Registered Members,there are no fees for buyers and anyone can buy.

 To show interest in an item simply fill in the contact form of the item page or the main contact page and the site will forward your interest to the seller, he will contact the potential buyer direct with more details of the item then its up to you to wheel and deal.


Auctions are available at the sellers request,length of sale,start price ,reserve price to be set by the seller. Full details of each Auction can be found on the actual auction page for the item.


                                                                Terms and conditions 

The site accepts no responsibility for any details of any sales made through the site,this includes(but is not restricted to) the quality of the item,its price, its description or any financial transactions

The site does not handle any part of any sale other than to display an advert provided by the seller and to pass on communications between buyers and sellers. The site will always do its best to forward communications between buyers and sellers and to do it as quickly as possible but the site will not be responsible for any communications that do not get through. The site reserves the right to remove any advert for any reason should it wish to and forwarded communications connected with that item will cease at that point



                   For Sale

                                                                   Click on the item for more details


                                  30+ machines for sale outside the UK/USA/Europe 

                                                           click the photo below         


.                           Shefras Time limit For sale

                        item is currently in the UK




                                                   SOLD 30/7/18                                                          



                               Collection of almost 30 mostly German machines for sale


                        Click the photos or  Here to go to the collection



                        Mini Sega for sale in very good condition,

                              Click the photo for more details



.                         Large collection of unusual machines for sale


                                                                 Click here to see the details of  these and more

                         Four more machines for sale added 5/11/17


          Any Payout cards,logos,topbox art customised to your                                               

    click HERE for full Details           






                                   special price £11.00 inc postage, click the photo for more details on the book

                  Pure Gold Plating Ltd

Having just received a re-chromed Jennings top casting from a previously un tried metal plater we were so impressed with the service, the price and the quality of the work we have decided to give the company a free advert on the market page.The site receives no benefit from this other to offer members a chance to use a good metal plating Co but the owner has promised best possible prices if you mention finding them on our site.For full details click on the photos





                                       Gunter Wulff Exacta ,for sale in the USA


                                Click on the photo for details  




                              Slot Machines & Coin Op Games by Bill Kurtz  £8.50 inc UK Postage(mainland)

                                                                             Click photo  for more details