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                       Slot machine pre-decimal Coins & Tokens for Sale is pleased to offer a large selection of pre-decimal coins and named tokens for the use of slot machine collectors at the lowest prices on the web and including free postage to the UK mainland.


Ordering is easy through our existing "contact us" or the "order coin packs" button (lower left) simply email us you order and address,once the order is confirmed just pay through Paypal and we will post same day.Payment is just as easy,use the "donate via PayPal" button on our home page. All packs are of 50 coins, discounts are available for larger amounts ,contact us for details or with any questions



                                                Pack (1)  50 mixed 6d coins  £7.00


                                                 Pack(2)    50 mixed 1d coins    £7.00


                                          Pack(3)     50 mixed 3d coins     £7.00



                                         Pack(4)   50 mixed halfpennies  £5.00



                           Pack(5)    50 Mixed old 5p and shillings   £7.00


   Pack(6)  50 Ruffler & Walker 6d tokens all marked "R&W"  £5.00



             Pack(7) 50 Bell-fruit 6d tokens all marked "Bell-Fruit" £5.00

                                                 Pack (8)  50 Phonographic Equipment 6d tokens all marked "P.E"  £5.00


                     Pack(9)   50 B&M 6d tokens all marked "B&M"   £5.00


                             Pack(10)  50 Japanese "Slot/Pachinko(?)" Tokens  £5.00